NEWS: Sophie’s Threat return for a third round knockout!

After a pair of well received singles in “Infernal Manipulation” and “Suicidal God”, Brazilian female fronted Melodic Death Thrash Metal act Sophie’s Threat have returned with something a little more brutal in “Speaking Of The Devil” as the band explain…

Drummer Tiago Carteano: “This new single was another challenge for the band, because the instrumentals were already recorded when Malu took over the vocals, so we had to make new voice metrics and arrangements. The result was so perfect that the song and the melody seemed to have been written together and in tune! Heavy, aggressive, with very melodic vocal lines and double pedals almost in its totality. Maybe it’s the most Death Metal composition we’ve done so far

About the lyrics of “Speaking Of The Devil”, singer Malu Sales said that “the inspiration came during a chat with a friend about another person they both knew, but coincidentally during the conversation the person in question appeared right on time, arising the famous saying ‘speaking of the devil (he appears)’, disconcerting both immediately (laughs). Basically, the theme of the track was built through self-criticism about how human beings have the hypocritical habit of criticizing others by doing the same things they are criticized for, without making a projection of their own faults. The lyrics are really an exercise in seeing yourself through the eyes of others primarily without hypocrisy

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