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NEWS: Nameless Gods want your flesh and bone!

Brazilian Death Doom quintet Nameless Gods have announced their long awaited debut album “And That Sigil Meant Death” will drop on 7th April with a music video for “Your Flesh Is Not Enough“. The band, who feature in their ranks former Sophie’s Threat vocalist Malu Sales, Corporate Death guitarist Damien Mendonça, Akinetopsia drummer Daniel Oliveira

NEWS: Sophie’s Threat have a new view on “Infernal Manipulation”!

Currently working on a debut album titled “Enemy Within” for release later this year, São Paulo Brazil based Melodic Death Thrash Metal band, Sophie’s Threat, have responded to their fans requests for more studio material featuring new vocalist Felícia Andrade in advance. They do so with a more intense and explosive re-imagining of their 2022

NEWS: Sophie’s Threat tease new album…

Having seen their former vocalist Malu Sales resurface in Death Doom outfit Nameless Gods over the past couple of weeks, it seems that Sophie’s Threat have a music video for a re-recorded rendition of “Infernal Remanipulation” set for March. Originally released on 31st March 2022 single, the single has been teased in its new form

Bootleg: Nameless Gods in Sao Paulo Brazil!

They may only have one single out in cyberspace in “Sunken Horror” but Sao Paulo Brazil based Doom Death quintet Nameless Gods have been preparing for us an album in “And that Sigil Meant Death” that will appear in the first half of 2024. In evidence of that on 20th January the band, who feature former Sophie’s Threat

NEWS: Nameless Gods reveal their true horror!

Former Sophie’s Threat vocalist Malu Sales has re-surfaced in Sao Paulo Brazil based Doom Death quintet Nameless Gods. As a band, they have been a growing concern since 2022 with an album titled “And that Sigil Meant Death” penciled in for the first half of 2024. “Sunken Horror” is the first full single from that

Review: “Phase One” by Sophie’s Threat

If there is one lesson that humanity hasn’t quite yet grasped it’s the fact that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. That’s the foundation of the concept behind Brazilian Death Thrash enthusiasts Sophie’s Threat, their name referencing the robot Sophia, designed to learn to work among us humans, adapting to our behaviour. She

NEWS: Sophie’s Threat announce new vocalist!

Wrapping their first wave of singles into an EP titled “Phase One” for a physical release,  Brazilian Melodic Death Thrash enthusiasts Sophie’s Threat have announced the departure of vocalist Malu Sales and guitarist Rodrigo Godoy due to musical divergences and different goals. Despite the heavy losses, phase two will begin with new vocalist Felícia Andrade

Bootleg: “Suicidal God” from Sophie’s Threat!

Following the arrival of single number four in “Poison” from Sao Paulo Brazil based Melodic Death Thrash enthusiasts Sophie’s Threat, live footage of their second offering to an unsuspecting World in “Suicidal God” has surfaced. Filmed at Carnarock 2023 the song is based on the story of the American schizophrenic psychopath Joseph Kallinger and this