NEWS: Sophie’s Threat unveil single “Poison” with the help of Andreas Kisser!

Brazilian female fronted Death Thrash quintet Sophie’s Threat have returned with their fourth single and first of 2023 in “Poison” which has received a further boost, airing on a Brazilian radio-program hosted by Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser called Pegadas de Andreas Kisser, from 89FM Radio (Sao Paulo).

Drummer Tiago Carteano commented: “It is always a pleasure to participate on Andreas’ show. Besides being fans of him, of Sepultura, and, of course, of his radio-program, to be able to play on one of the biggest radios in Brazil is a huge accomplishment. Thanks to our press office JZ Press and the production of the show for the opportunity“.

The release of the single is how however tingled with a sadness as unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, it marks the last appearance of guitarist Marcão as an official member of the band with experienced guitarist Rodrigo Godoy swiftly announced as is replacement. He comments: “My history in extreme metal started early through the influence of my older brother and friends. At school I was already wearing inverted crosses (laughs) and listening to Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir and Cannibal Corpse a lot. Today I also work as a guitar and guitar teacher at the Academia do Rock (@academiadorocksbc), in São Bernardo/SP – the same school where Tiago Carteano gives drum classes, where I met him. It’s a great pleasure to be part of Sophie’s Threat, a band that I really like and clearly shows us a huge potential“.

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