NEWS: Stoneside seek touring assistance…

There is nothing quite like the sense of pride you get from helping out a friend in need and that’s something that Texas Progressive Alternative Metal act Stoneside hope will help them as they seek your help once more. The reason for launching a new Go Fund Me campaign here is simple. They need to cover some basic touring costs as they explain…

The band comment: “Hello everyone, we are again seeking assistance. We are being placed on a short run tour with a few strong up and comers. We are literally looking to cover the cost of our van rental and food (we will find a place to stay in each city in the ways we can). Anything you donate helps. Our goal is to cover the uhaul/sprinter van daily rental cost and dinner. Thank you very much and hopefully we see you soon. Thank you very very sincerely.

1)…The biggest donor will get an exclusive acoustic live rendition of our songs performed just for them.

2)… second place donor will get a unreleased fully mixed and mastered song

3)… third biggest will get a free shirt (best we can offer but hopefully worth it)”


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