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NEWS: Stoneside share “Letters to the Afterlife”!

The mysterious Progressive Metal project Stoneside continues to hit singles out of the ball park with “Letters to the Afterlife” being the fifth waterfall released single from an as yet to be dated third album titled “God Of The Mountain“. The subliminal verses dictate it might not be all that long before the rural Texas

NEWS: Stoneside seek touring assistance…

There is nothing quite like the sense of pride you get from helping out a friend in need and that’s something that Texas Progressive Alternative Metal act Stoneside hope will help them as they seek your help once more. The reason for launching a new Go Fund Me campaign here is simple. They need to

NEWS: Loathe ask Sleep Token who they really are!

The third single in a collaborative series sees Gloom Metal Pioneers Loathe let Sleep Token rework “Is It Really You?” from their current album “I Let It In And It Took Everything“, a cut which already has 4.8m Spotify streams in its own right. Curiously unlike the previous pair of cuts this one doesn’t have

NEWS: Stoneside welcome us to The Desert Hell…

After the announcement that one of their upcoming new cuts “My Love/My Tomb” features a guest appearance from producer and former Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney, Stoneside have shared “Hell” from their upcoming sophomore EP “The Desert“. Reading between the lines of their social media campaign it looks as though the affair will feature seven cuts

NEWS: Stoneside sever the cold dead hand…

After a successful crowd funding campaign the first single from the upcoming sophomore record “The Desert” from Texas Progressive DJentlemen Stoneside has surfaced in “Cold Dead Hand“. It’s the first to appear since their critically acclaimed debut “The Water” and while no date has been announced as yet by the band inspired by the likes

NEWS: Stoneside premier “The Balance”!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign raised the funds to give a sophomore EP “The Desert” the final touch from a pro engineer and take as the the band put it, material recorded in studio in a backyard shed it Texas from demo to polished release versions, Stoneside have premiered a new cut called “The Balance“.

NEWS: Stoneside seek water in the desert!

After the release of their incredible debut EP “The Water“, the mysterious Alternative Metal duo Stoneside have launched a crowd funding campaign to assist with a sophomore effort that has already been completed. Titled “The Desert“, the band are looking to raise a small sum in order for a pro engineer to polish the second seven

NEWS: Stoneside share a grave with Lana Del Rey?

We’ve been waxing lyrical ab0ut the mysterious Stoneside since we were introduced to their stunning single “A History Of Violence” by a friend and their debut album “The Water“, a regaling of the stories of those who have passed on with strength, power, dignity and some weighty guitar work isn’t one to be missed, in

Review: “The Water” by Stoneside

“I speak with the dead. They tell me their stories. I speak their stories to life again in music.” ~ Crane, Stoneside. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds Brookshire Texas residents Stoneside; they announced themselves with “History of Violence” as a duo comprising writer, vocalist, instruments and co-arranger Crane and drummer and co-arranger

NEWS: Stoneside search for balance?

A third single from Austin Texas Alternative Metallers Stoneside in a month has landed as the duo continue to tell the tales of dead men, the band a means to express and memorialise the stories of life and death journey of each individual from their greatest achievements to their loneliest of lows. So after “History