NEWS: Stoneside search for balance?

A third single from Austin Texas Alternative Metallers Stoneside in a month has landed as the duo continue to tell the tales of dead men, the band a means to express and memorialise the stories of life and death journey of each individual from their greatest achievements to their loneliest of lows. So after “History Of Violence“ and “God Save The King” claimed influences from Spiritbox and Deftones, “Integrity Vs. Despair” also has a certain Tool vibe about it…

Stoneside comment: “This man’s grave lives just outside of Austin ,Texas… when he was alive, he was considered by many to be a villain. As a high-profile defense attorney, it was said that he let many men guilty of heinous crimes go free. It was on his deathbed from cancer that he admitted that he had known, without a shadow of a doubt, that some of those men were guilty. Wheeler and I spent time at his grave. This is a feeling of regret and to a certain extent, anguish”

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