NEWS: Stoneside premier “The Balance”!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign raised the funds to give a sophomore EP “The Desert” the final touch from a pro engineer and take as the the band put it, material recorded in studio in a backyard shed it Texas from demo to polished release versions, Stoneside have premiered a new cut called “The Balance“. It’s the first of seven that are said to once again bring the stories and memories of people who are no longer with us to life, using their music capture the love, loss, violence and sorrow contained within them as they did so beautify with their debut “The Water“.

Crane comments: “A true story of obsession. This young woman was found on the banks of The Trinity River in Texas. This is a place that has been home to many bodies. Although one man was suspected of being her killer, he remains unscathed. at least for now.

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