NEWS: Whispers In The Maze get inked?

Canadian Melodic Death Metal act Whispers In The Maze have offered up a music video for their cut “Ink“. One of four cuts to grace last summers “Stories Untold: Chapter I”, it has been given a candle lit montage created by fretless bass master Ben Bertrand, who happens to handle the lead vocals. If you missed it, not only do we highly recommend the record but we also have a couple of exclusive interviews with the band in the archives. Feel free to check them out.

Guitarist and backing vocalist Emine Topcu comments: “”Ink” starts with a very Middle-Eastern-sounding riff. And given my Turkish origins, sometimes I am thought to be behind that riff, but that is not the case! It was actually Zach (our first vocalist and then second guitarist, now of Messora) who wrote that riff as well as the lyrics for the song. And we actually recorded that song as a single a few years ago. But we decided to rerecord it as the new members added new flavours to the music. We always have the mindset that “songs can change till it is recorded.” We surpassed that with Ink!”

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