Playthrough: “In Debt To Oblivion” from Carnosus!

The poison chalice overflows with the tears of the Cyclops as Swedish Technical Death Metal act Carnosus prepare to unveil “Visions Of Infinihility” on 10th February. The band have described the record as both a prequel and a contemporary side-story to their previous album, 2020’s “Dogma Of The Deseased“, which explores the same universe. They promise bulging chugs and spider riffs, 7-string-phat-bass-brutalism, blast beats and confused unga bunga and throat-tearing growls and shrieks as demonstrated on this one take live vocal performance from Jonatan Karasiak of one called “In Debt To Oblivion“. You know what comes next. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

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