Review: “Ashes” by These Horrid Things

While the cover art, a band name and a pair of former member of Siderian in their ranks which might indicate a heavier band, These Horrid Things are a female fronted five piece with influences in Hard Rock and Metal from the 80’s onwards. Hailing from Northants and promising only original work, their debut EP “Ashes” that were performed by the band ironically enough when they opened for Ozzy Osbourne tribute act Blizzard of Ozz in Wellingborough on  the day of it’s release. What more can we say?

Classic 80’s Metal riffs are accompanied by soaring female vocals on the title track “Ashes” before These Horrid Things move into slightly more complex rhythms after a short and sweet solo. That gives the cut a more modern edge without losing the style or grace of the earlier parts of the song as well as keeping the listener entertained for longer, both being a masterstroke of musicianship. “Hold You Close” has a riff that sounds like it belongs to a James Bond film while being a little sultry lyrically, keeping things tastefully on the side of the suggestive rather than straight out down and dirty. It screams old school vibes and Hair Metal influences without quite going all out, it offers a proposal of intrigue that perhaps lacks a real face melting solo to tip it over the edge from solid to stunning. Another relationship based lyric, this time about the survival of a bad one, “Pernicious“, meaning “having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way” is venomous but cleverly subtle. Touching on the mental side of things with another killer old school riff and soaring vocals, its broad enough that fans will make it their own, despite the personal moments intertwined into the theme. It’s going to be interesting to hear what These Horrid Things can do with a full album because this feels like an amuse bouche before a main course [7/10]


Track Listing

  1. Ashes
  2. Hold You Close
  3. Pernicious

Ashes” by These Horrid Things is out now.

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