Review: “The World After” by Dreams Of Gray

Having been inactive for the past decade with his soon the be returning main squeeze Abolisher, Chicago based guitarist and vocalist Luiz Rivera pieced together a collection of songs he had written that wouldn’t have fitted into the style of the Death Metal outfit. Enlisting the help of some friends Marcin Palider, Maria Kosma and Phil DiCiccio to play bass and drums respectively, he recorded “The World After” under the moniker Dreams Of Gray citing influences in Doom, Melodic Death and even Traditional Heavy Metal. Baring his soul with deeply personal lyrics, the narrative deals with contemporary issues as well as grief, loss and acceptance with this said to be being the first offering of many songs written that simply need recording…

Mixed and mastered by Scott Elliot at Chernobyl Studios, “Performance V Justice” finds Rivera in the space between 80’s Bay Area Thrash and Death Metal. His vocals blend the harsh during the verses with cleaner sung choruses bringing to mind the work of Testament in the process. It’s a powerhouse performance that grabs the attention with old school familiarity that benefits from modern production, the heavier parts appealing to those who have listened to the likes of Iron Maiden and thought the odd song begged for a snarling Death Metal verse. Dealing with the subject of loss, “Life in Gray” takes what could have been an acoustic tear jerker and gives it the full on Heavy Metal treatment. Laced with well executed solos and a Death Metal growl, this one finds Rivera in his element and doing things his way. If headbanging was allowed at a funeral then this would be the perfect soundtrack, taken from the point of view of those left behind the depth of feeling showing just how important the loved one lost was. That bleak narrative continues into “The World After“, a conjoined twin of a cut that allows Rivera to show off a little more with some virtuoso lead guitar parts. Packing in plenty of mournful melody this one has just as much grit and integrity as the last while still having a decent amount of punch. if this is just the tip of the iceberg then more is wanted [7.5/10]


Track Listing

  1. Performance V Justice
  2. Life in Gray
  3. The World After

The World After” by Dreams Of Gray is out now and available over at bandcamp

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