NEWS: Baltavar pray at “The Devil’s Altar”!

After five years of hard labour Bulgarian Thrash Metal quartet Baltavar have announced their signing to WormHoleDeath Records for the release of their album “Dark Science” on 3rd March. The announcement of the twelve track affair which includes a guest vocal appearance from Teodora Stoyanova of Freija fame on one called “Temptation” has been preceded by a lyric video for “The Devil’s Altar“.

The band comment: “Hello, we are the metal band Baltavar. We are extremely happy to be part of the big family of successful bands, who are working with WormholeDeath Records. We are ready to take you on a journey in our music and together with you create a new chapter of our band’s story. Our new and debut album, released by WormholeDeath Records, is coming soon and will give you the opportunity to dive into the dark sciences and look on the other side of our known world

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