NEWS: Karpenter take a bite out of Jaws!

Horror film themed Metal albums might have been done before but not like this. Naming their band in tribute to acclaimed horror movie master John Carpenter, former Fightcast members Filippo Tellerini, Francesco Vicini, and Marco Biondi, along with Federico Conti (Creep), Manuel Nucci and Michele Mingozzi (Figure of Six) formed Alternative Metal act  Karpenter who will be releasing their debut album Sleepless on May 2021 via Rockshots Records. It serves as a gateway to a hostile and tormented world of distorted reality. Each track hides a story and their first single “Shark” influenced by Jaws has been unveiled today


The band comment: “This is probably the most atypical song of the album, the most introspective and dark. We choose “Shark” as the first single, because it represents our most inner-self; gloomy vocal melodies and cinematic orchestral surroundings are shining in symphony with guitar arpeggios and solos, built on a solid rhythmic structure. It is a very dramatic song full of pathos.

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