NEWS: Heavy is the crown for Mordkaul!

For Belgian Melodic Death metal act Mordkaul the decision to bury the hatchet means splitting their sophomore album “Feeding The Machine” clean in half. 16th February will therefore see five new cuts blasting through our ear drums from part #1 with “Crown Of Worms” the second single. Recorded at the end of Summer 2022 at Project Zero studio by Yarne Heylen (When Plagues Collide, Gallia, Nervosa). Just like predecessor “Dress Code: Blood“, mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö (Necrophobic, Deserted Fear, Skeletal Remains). Oh and the bands inspiration? 90’s Swedish Death Metal!

About the lyrics, Mordkaul say: “We tend to admire and follow those who lack moral qualities. Misled by appearance and words, we idolize those who eventually lead us to our demise. It seems to be ingrained in human nature that we choose to be misguided by those who corrupt and feed on our soul

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