NEWS: This Dying Hour “Age Of The Coward”?

‘Age of the Coward’ challenges the way we see ourselves – how we can either perpetuate or abolish the feelings of nihilism and guilt through the way we understand personal accountability. Over the years I have personally battled with self-identity and purpose. I don’t think these things are exclusive to me, but a journey we all must take. This is why we shouldn’t settle with your shortcomings, but instead with discipline and hard work we can lace their linings with gold. You can’t make the world a more meaningful place, until you see through who you truly are” – Vocalist Steve Kerr.

Having rubbed shoulders with giants like Bury Tomorrow and Bleed From Within Modern Metalcore quartet This Dying Hour have unveiled a blistering new single in “Age Of The Coward”. A self reflective piece, it follows last year’s “Torchbearer” that found them joined by none other than Jot Maxi of Hacktivist as well as 2021’s debut EP “Fire and the Blind“. Fronted by experienced tattoo artist Steve Kerr, every release has been accompanied by a strong visual element which serves to establish a world in which the band’s musical and artistic expressions converge.

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