Review: “Proclamation of War” by Morphetik

They may have only existed for four years but Swedish Thrash overlords Morphetik have are nothing short of prolific, decimating the weak with a debut album in 2020’s “Omens of War” as well as a pair of split albums with Necrobeast, an outfit with which they share members thus far. Returning with a second full length album “Proclamation of War“, recorded by Franco Escalona (Nightrage, Always Ware) and mixed and mastered by Jocke Rydbjer (Wolf brigade), the quartet offer 26 minutes of Speed Thrash inspired by the likes of Slayer, Toxic Holocaust and Kreator with violence at its very heart…

If you don’t find cover art which depicts Batman nemesis Two Face in the role of Michael Douglas in Falling Down along with the thought of a modern Thrash sound that pays homage to the masters appealing then if you haven’t already, look away now. Raw, fast and loose, as if the band are performing live warts and all in front of you is how “Proclamation of War“ sounds; with this album they have captured their reputation for a fierce live show like lightening in a bottle and deliver high energy incendiary cuts with effortless ease. Instrumental introduction piece “March Of The Fallen” is exactly what it says on the tin, setting the tone for the sucker punch of “Death Incarnate“, a classic old school sounding Speed Thrash cut with a nod to Hardcore Punk as the riffs fly like bullets from a machine gun. Frontman Julian Bellenox rages against the system with words of anarchy as he questions the World around him, the greedy, the corrupt, the lies and deceit. Make no mistake he’s out for blood from the very start, “World Wide War” pointing the finger as the throttle gets opened up like an artery and a searing hot solo gets offered up to seal the wound. “Domination” may not be the Pantera cut that you might have hoped for but actually has a similar vibe to side project Superjoint Ritual. The vocals are caustic against a backdrop of rapid fire rhythms and abrasive guitars all wrapped up in a restless and relentless quality that is perfect for when you’re suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Similarly “Death From Above” sounds like an early Megadeth demo as it tears through the parade like a Sharknado. The chorus has addictive anthemic qualities that mean if you’re not in a circle pit you can scream along safe in the notion that your beer won’t get spilled.

Reminiscent of “Whiplash” era MetallicaEndless Pain” keeps things alive at breakneck pace, an unstoppable force that confirms (as if it was needed) that there is no room for a power ballad here. Yes there are moments where riffs are seemingly shared between songs, not quite different enough not to be noticed however the whole thing is over so fast that you simply have to push the triangle once more. An exploitation movie sample gives a moment of respite before “Resist To Exist” returns to the kind of sound that inspires stage dives and high fives, the whammy bar drop moments on this one being the Chef’s Kiss. The piece de resistance is however the ripper of a solo at the end of “Acolytes Of Destruction” which is an absolute face melter and up there with the best of them. Flames burn brighter with “Fatal Incursion“, one that doesn’t allow pause for breath or escape from the mosh pit and may well be served up early doors at the live shows as it’s a real punch in the face. Last but but no means least “Nuclear Homicide” burns the place down with another salvo of rhythmic punishment. The cunning tribal moment in the final moments is something that the band may wish to extend out in the live shows, it has potential to be so much more than it is here. Municipal Waste be warned. Morphetik are coming for your crown [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. March Of The Fallen
  2. Death Incarnate
  3. World Wide War
  4. Domination
  5. Death From Above
  6. Endless Pain
  7. Resist to Exist
  8. Acolytes Of Destruction
  9. Fatal Incursion
  10. Nuclear Homicide

Proclamation of War” by Morphetik is out 24th February 2023

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