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Review: “Proclamation of War” by Morphetik

They may have only existed for four years but Swedish Thrash overlords Morphetik have are nothing short of prolific, decimating the weak with a debut album in 2020’s “Omens of War” as well as a pair of split albums with Necrobeast, an outfit with which they share members thus far. Returning with a second full length album

NEWS: Morphetik return for second round K.O. with “Domination”!

It is alleged that members of Nazghor and Necrobeast formed Morphetik four years ago with a Raw Thrash vision and following the success of 2020 debut “Omens Of War” it is easy to see why. Returning with a sophomore album recorded by Franco Escalona (Nightrage, Always Ware), mixed and mastered by Jocke Rydbjer (Wolf Brigade) and titled

Bootleg: “Domination” from Morphetik!

As we await sophomore album “Proclamation of War“ from Swedish Thrash overlords Morphetik, the band have done the right thing and shared a rendition of “Domination” from their show at Interpool in Uppsala, filmed by the man behind the grassy knoll. The album itself is set for 24th February release having been recorded by Franco

NEWS: Morphetik prepare for War!

Recorded by Franco Escalona (Nightrage, Always Ware) and mixed and mastered by Jocke Rydbjer (Wolf brigade), the sophomore album from Swedish Thrash overlords Morphetik, titled “Proclamation of War“, is set for 24th February. The cover art depicts Batman nemesis Two Face in the role of Michael Douglas in Falling Down with “World Wide War” the