NEWS: Morphetik return for second round K.O. with “Domination”!

It is alleged that members of Nazghor and Necrobeast formed Morphetik four years ago with a Raw Thrash vision and following the success of 2020 debut “Omens Of War” it is easy to see why. Returning with a sophomore album recorded by Franco Escalona (Nightrage, Always Ware), mixed and mastered by Jocke Rydbjer (Wolf Brigade) and titled “Proclamation of War” on 24th February the Swedish Mafia are ready to do battle once more. Expect 26 minutes of Speed Thrash inspired by the likes of Slayer, Toxic Holocaust and Kreator with violence at its very heart – you only need to look at Exhibit B in “Domination” to realise what happened here.

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