NEWS: Death Reich prepare for War…

Having escaped the clutches of the final plague, Death Reich march towards the 17th March release date for follow up album “Disharmony” via Non Serviam Records with a single titled “World War“. That is available on limited edition black vinyl over at bandcamp with previous single “Dissimulation” as an instant download with the purchase. Expect American style old school Scott Burns era Death Metal from the band who comprise members and former members of Sacramentum, Runemagick, Trident, Grief of Emerald, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, Voodus, Vornth, Sadistic Grimness, Auberon and Decameron

The band comment: “”World War” is a song about oppression of humans. The inhumane world view carried by the ones in power. As long as there is profit and power to gain no human cost is to great. Humans are mere pawns to be sacrificed as they see fit as long as it suits there agenda.”

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