NEWS: Mercury’s Well share “Nadir” lyric video, request we save the date for Summer Bash 2023!

They say it’s always the quiet ones that you need to watch because when you’re back is turned they’re up to no good. You know the kind of thing. Setting the curtains on fire, drinking a skin full of the old man’s whiskey or shooting at the neighbours cat with a spud gun. It turns out they’re right because while we’ve been quietly going about our business, Reading Progressive Death Metal trio Mercury’s Well have been plotting World domination once more. This year, their annual Summer Bash event has reached its fifth anniversary and so on 22nd July at Reading Facebar, they are planning to let a monster line up of bands loose. While the line up remains under wraps, tickets are available here.

Alongside that news comes a special lyric video for “Nadir“, one of the finer cuts from the bands self titled album, recorded and mastered by Matt Bew at Whitehouse Studios in Reading.

The band comment: “”Nadir” is an expression of despair, a reflection on the worst of self, and humanity. As such, the content of this lyric video includes imagery & lyrics that some individuals may find upsetting or offensive. Our objective with this video is to provide a meaningful, artistic interpretation of the lyrics, which may prompt a visceral reaction. We hope that this provides a basis for reflection, honest and mature discussion. There are nihilistic undertones, and the subject of death; notably by suicide, which are persistent throughout the song. If you are struggling, please reach out to somebody; there’s always someone who can listen. Remember to take care of yourselves.”

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