NEWS: Qwälen bring Black Metal from Finland to Italy!

A third (and final?) single “Tähdet Tippuvat” (or “The Stars Are Falling“) from the upcoming Qwälen album “Syvä Hiljaisuus” (or “Deep Silence“) has been released via Time to Kill Records ahead of the 10th March drop of the full album. Another piece of Finnish Black Metal appearing on the Italian label is an interesting move, pre-orders are available here.

“Written in the beginning of covid, the feelings of isolation and uncertainty possibly poured into the instrumentation. In the studio the song was a struggle to get done properly and finishing it left the band feeling as if we would never wish to play it again. Struggle brought fruition and the song became a lot more aggressive and impactful than it was originally. The first song written for the new album” ~ Samuli (Qwälen)

“I was watching Twin Peaks: The Return and there was this beautiful scene where trees were glowing red. I wanted to write about that picture and connect it with northern nature. As a child, I spent a lot of time in the forest, examining moose antlers and skulls found on the ground. The cycle of life, self-acceptance and the uncertainty of the future” ~ Eetu (Qwälen)

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