NEWS: Raider enter a new realm of existence?

Is it really ever the end? Or is the end simply the beginning? Canadian Melodic Death Thrash marauders Raider have promised, for their word is their bond, that “New Dominion” is the final single from their forthcoming new album “Trial By Chaos“. Now that maybe the case for the pre-release cuts but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the band won’t double back for a music video after 7th April, especially as they have a US tour set to follow the albums release. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Heralding a dark new age, the band comments: “‘New Dominion’ is a meditation on how the world seems to be moving backwards. Our journey toward progress is being halted, co-opted, and derailed by a resurgence of medieval mentalities. It poses the question of whether we will take a stand for the peaceful future we all dream of, or let it sink into a state of the art dark age?

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