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Documentary: K.W. Metal Scene covers compilation!

A few months back Waterloo, Ontario Death Thrash masters Raider joined Invicta, Cathartic Demise, Aepoch and Rippr’d in creating a covers compilation to keep Metal alive during lockdown while also celebrating their local scene. This weekend sees the release of a documentary by Jonah Kay at HM Studios about the scene and how the compilation

NEWS: Raider joined by Six for all new Canadian Death-Thrash Covers Compilation!

Not content with unleashing “Guardians of the Fire” a year ago, Waterloo Ontario Canada’s Death Thrash outfit Raider have returned with a new cover of the Demolition Hammer classic “Carnivorous Obsession“. The track appears on a compilation album available over on Spotify here that sees them joined by Invicta, Aepoch, Cathartic Demise, Stolos, and Rippr’d