NEWS: Veil Of Maya announce that M is for… “[M]other”!

After six long years the wait for a new studio album from Chicago natives Veil Of Maya is finally over and with three singles from ten cuts already out in internet land it seems that we won’t have to wait until 12th May for Sumerian Records to give us more of it to listen to. The news of the record comes with new cut “Red Fur” and cover artwork, “[M]other” the title chosen for it with previous singles “Godhead” and “Synthwave Vegan” set to appear having clocked up 1.5 million Spotify streams and 478,000 YouTube views between them already..

Speaking on the announcement of the album and the release of the new track, frontman Lukas Magyar shares: “This record is a collection of personal experience, history and a touch of my own imagination. I enjoyed approaching each song in a different way this time around. It was certainly challenging at times to find the right mood but when the work was finally complete it seemed to come together very well. I’m thrilled to see how our fans respond!”

Speaking on his inspiration for writing the single, guitarist and songwriter, Marc Okubo adds: “I got convinced to go to a Rufus Du Sol concert. I was immediately inspired though. The next day, I was like, ’Let’s combine some of this with our style’. That explains the electronic opening. I hope you’re inspired to listen to this again and again. Maybe you’ll hone in on the little details as you go further, and it will musically become a cinematic experience”

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