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NEWS: Veil Of Maya get heavy with “Synthwave Vegan”!

About to head off on tour with Born Of Osiris five years after their last album “False Idol“, Sumerian Records signings Veil Of Maya have unleashed a heavy new single called “Synthwave Vegan” complete with a music video from Eric DiCarlo of Squared Up Studios (Bodysnatcher). Curiously enough guitarist Marc Okubo stated on social media

NEWS: 1986 Sega Arcade memories as Veil Of Maya share “Outrun”?

Filmed on the first half of the Afterburner Tour 2021 with regular stage partners Dance Gavin Dance, a fourth single from DJentlemen Veil Of Maya has surfaced since their last album, 2017’s incredible “False Idol“. The title of the track is “Outrun” and the video is a heart warming affair with a packed house reminding

Playthrough: “Viscera” from Veil Of Maya!

As the singles continue to stack up and we wait patiently for a new album, Sumerian Records signings Veil Of Maya have put chosen drummer Sam Applebaum as their rabbit in the headlights for a playthrough video for “Viscera“. That followed “Members Only” and “Outsider” as their third single since the cruelly overlooked and underrated

NEWS: Veil of Maya return with “Viscera”!

As hinted at via Social Media earlier this week, Chicago Illinois DJentlemen Veil of Maya have unveiled a Borderlands inspired music video for a brand new single “Viscera“. 2017’s “False Idol” remains a masterpiece and their next full length album is well overdue with this the third single following “Members Only” and “Outsider” being just

NEWS: Veil Of Maya claim outsider status?

It’s seems strange that despite the brilliance of 2017’s “False Idol” that Veil Of Maya didn’t play that many songs from it in their live sets. They’ve unveiled just their second single since that album in “Outsider” via Sumerian Records, the other track being “Members Only“. There is no mention as yet as to if

Documentary: Veil of Maya on Gear Gods!

Fresh from their European Tour run with Atilla, DJentlemen Veil of Maya let guitarist Marc Okubo record an exclusive new track for Gear Gods Drumception 2019 using Toontrack. The band have new single “Members Only” out now which hopefully serves as a teaser for the follow up the brilliant and underrated “False Idol“.

NEWS: Veil of Maya invite “Members Only”…

Songs from their phenomenal “False Idol” might have not got as much play their live set as we’d have hoped but it remains a very high bench mark for not only Veil of Maya but for DJent infused Tech-Metal as a whole. The Chicago Illinois DJentlemen have announced that they are working on a brand

Bootleg: Veil Of Maya at Heavy Montreal!

Veil Of Maya at Heavy Montreal? Filmed in the rain at Scène de la Forêt, on 28th July? Why not? Their absolutely stunning album “False Idol” is out now via Sumerian Records and – the in Chicago, Illinois DJentlemen deserve all the praise they get for it.