NEWS: Observist can’t believe their eyes!

“My heart against my mind, It’s a war on the soul, And I don’t wanna fight, Love conquers all, Or did they lie? The promise of a good life, Visioned by the eye, Foreshadow or foreseen, I guess it’s up to me, Do I continue to tread forward, Whilst the ground crumbles Beneath my feet?”

Just eight days after the release of single “Familiar” and the announcement that the band had called time on their career, Observist have dropped a second music video directed by former Aversions Crown frontman Collin Jeffs from a forthcoming EP. That record is the culmination of two years work having been mastered by Buster Odeholm (Reflections, Aeffect, Humanity’s Last Breath) and in “Disbelief” confirms that the band will be sorely missed.

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