NEWS: Saasta obey the sickness?

As the first anniversary of their debut album “Crucial To None” approaches later this month, Kotka Finland based Blackened Death Metal quartet Saasta have unveiled a new single in “Sickness”. It’s the first from a new four track EP titled “Black | Death | Doom” which will appear on 5th December via Inverse Records. While there are no pre-orders for the EP available as yet, there is merch for the album over at bandcamp.

Guitarist Topias Jokipii comments: “The song presents a reborn, dirtier and in its own beautiful way, a more obnoxious kind of Saasta. After I shifted from a guitarist-singer to solely playing guitar, Mr Leevi Kärsämä had the guts to step in as a singer. This change gave Saasta a new life and the band truly found themselves, both musically and visually, and that can be clearly heard on the new release. The merciless playing style of the band’s bassist Janne Hietanen supports the music of a metal band with only one guitar perfectly, and thus, maybe even a little unorthodoxly, the bass is raised to be an equal instrument with the guitar, instead of presenting a steady, boring low register. The artwork of the EP describes perfectly the visual side of Saasta, which is incredibly important to us when playing live shows.”

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