Playthrough: “Rot Eternal” from Cognitive!

Filmed and edited by RAD Studios, Cognitive axe wielding duo Rob Wharton and Harry Lannon rip through a playthrough of “Rot Eternal” from the album we’ve been impatiently waiting for since the single first appeared four months ago. The American Technical Death Metal outfit have jumped ship from Unique Leader Records after their last album “Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction” and inked a deal in blood for their next full length with Metal Blade Records…

The band comment: “Rot Eternal was the second song we had written for our upcoming album, and when we did our pre-production recording we kept coming back to the song and saying ‘man this is like, REALLY awesome.’ We ended up tossing the idea around of releasing it as a stand alone single, and eventually went with it. 

The single felt so cool to us with riffs repeating themselves, a gigantic slam in the middle, and the unexpected outro all felt so natural to us. Tying it all up is artwork by Dahmer Art which captures the song’s lyrical theme and everyone’s favorite topic…ZOMBIES! We hope you all enjoy this stand alone single, and keep an eye out for the new record next year!

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