NEWS: Apogean burn all that is human…

Drawing significant inspiration from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and echoing the dystopian excerpts of George Orwell’s 1984, Toronto Technical Death band Apogean will be unveiling new album “Cyberstrictive” via The Artisan Era on 8th March. Exploring the hazards of modern technology, covering risks such as sensory damage, psychological trauma, desensitization, information paradoxes, predatory practices targeting children, addiction complexities, and the erosion of creativity the record is the bands first work with new vocalist Mac Smith who recently completed a stint as the live vocalist for Decrepit Birth. A third single titled “Hueman (The Pleasure of Burn)” is another warning of the shape of punk to come from the Zack Ohren (The Faceless, Machine Head, Immolation) mixed and mastered affair. Oh and we should also mention there is a guest solo on “Bluelight Sonata” by Alex Baillie of Cognizance

The band comment: “‘Hueman (The Pleasure of Burn)’ tackles the aftermath of a lifetime of exposure to blue LED light. Describing the physical ailments and the effects of poisonous photoradiation on the human populace, this song and video serve as a metaphoric representation of what awaits a generation plugged into cyberspace. Musically, this piece marks a turn towards adding more black metal elements to our music. This allows us to use more atmospheric choruses and expand the depth of feeling that we can provide artistically.”

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