Playthrough: “To Depths Unknown” from Hatred Reigns!

Canadians Hatred Reigns have called guitarist Jeff Calder into action in order to continue the promotional campaign around their new album “Awaken The Ancients” and he has dually obliged with a guitar playthrough video for the Death Thrash classic that is “To Depths Unknown“. A DIY or DIE record mixed and mastered in house by vocalist Mitchi Dimitriadis, it pays homage to classic films and literature as well as their musical influences or as the band put it “In a quest for liberation, the damned are ferried across by Charon who must navigate treacherous planes, confronting challenges from demons above and lurking waters below. Their odyssey takes them across the enigmatic river Styx, lured by the ancients towards Necropia, where ultimate judgment awaits”. If you like what you hear, you can find it over at bandcamp

The band comment: “Frantically falling, flailing to and fro,” the protagonist is caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty, grappling with the unpredictable twists of their destiny. Their ultimate destination remains shrouded in mystery as they descend into the abyss of the unknown. The album encountered numerous adversities during its recording process, including COVID-19 lockdowns, illnesses, technical challenges, and complex musical arrangements. Despite these hurdles, the band’s unwavering dedication has resulted in an album that defies conventional limitations.”

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