NEWS: Slaughtersun offer up a second glimpse in “Relentless Thelemic”!

Uniting members of Thank You Scientist, Windfaerer, Tombstoner and Cranial Damage New Jersey Death Metal four piece Slaughtersun continue to prepare us for their debut album “Fall of the Firmament” with the apocalyptic second single “Relentless Thelemic“. The vision of mastermind Ben Karas, the project started life in 2017 but it would be five years before it got the focus the initial ideas deserved…

Ben Karas comments: “‘Relentless Thelemic’ explores the burnout of a metaphysical polytheism; worshipping too many gods and failing to tend to the self. The rituals we all endure to maintain our environment. Our Household. Our community. And where that leaves us when it’s all over.”

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