Throwback: “Thieves” from Ministry!

Using a pencil to rewind a cassette tape in 2024 feels like a childish innuendo but back in 1989 when “The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste” from American Industrial Metal act Ministry broke it was a necessary evil. A record filled with lyrics dealing with subjects that the first wave of Thrash bands had taken on, from political corruption, cultural violence and  environmental degradation to nuclear war, drug addiction and insanity as well as being littered with movie samples, it’s one that was considered way ahead of its time and still holds the test of time today. Ironically it was a record created in what has now become a more modern style, none of the musicians being in the studio at the same time to collaborate and instead recording parts and leaving them for others to build upon. The result is an aggressive monster and so we plucked “Thieves” from it as our choice of today…

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