NEWS: Drungi return to the wave!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Written and recorded in the wake of their performances at Lemmy Rock and Culture Night Festivals in 2022, the debut album “Hamfarir Hugans” (or “Disasters Of The Mind“) of Icelandic Black ‘n Roll Doom quintet Drungi may not be as bleak as it first appears. At its heart is an over arching theme of death in both mental and physical forms, mental health issues that people suffer from and the imagery of the Icelandic things in nature that can kill you. Three months ago they offered up “Alda” (or “Wave“) as the first taste of their debut album, when it didn’t have artwork or a date attached to its toe tag but now it is set to be unveiled on 5th April with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “Alda was the first official single off our upcoming debut album. Having been in the back of our bassist’s head for numerous years he presented it to the band and something clicked in everyone’s mind. Following the intense feeling of drowning in one’s emotion and the sometimes suicidal feelings one has following a downforce of emotion, the song emphasizes that feeling with a rhythm pushing the oceanic feeling forward.”

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