NEWS: Paradox Rift scream beneath the sky!

Gearing up for the release of new album “Ensnared” on 10th May, Cleveland Experimental Death Metal act Paradox Rift offered up a second burnt offering in “The Sky Beneath”. Perhaps taking influence from the kind of tales told by Stephen King, the cut tells the story of a sadistic manipulator who loses his life attempting to play games with the wrong person. That’s just one of eleven to make the grade with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “This song has been through more changes and edits than any other song in the history of the band. The song began as a skeleton of drum parts that Eric had organized for Preston to add guitars to. Preston had decided to completely overhaul the guitars and had basically rewrote all of his original parts to the song. Even added a brand new intro riff unintentionally while messing around with effects in the studio. Luke had his share of work too with changing and altering the lyrics to better accommodate the constantly evolving music. This song has been in the oven for years and we are beyond excited to put it out there and see what comes of it.”

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