NEWS: Rats Will Feast seek escape from a parasitic relationship?

Finnish Experimental Hardcore outfit Rats Will Feast are preparing to drop their monstrous new full length album “Hellhole” via Time To Kill Records on 17th May and have shared a second single from it in album opener “Penetration“. The Jyväskylä Finland natives who have been around since 2018 describe the new work as the culmination of their previous efforts, a bruising demonstration of the bands core sound. So expect chaotic rhythms, battering drums, screeching vocals, varied guitar melodies and crushing riffs with gritty low frequencies… and twisted song structures, desolate and emotional lyrics which deal with the artificiality of the modern world. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “The title of the song ‘Penetration’ refers to a parasitic relationship, where one party takes what they need and wilts the other one. Our band’s lyrics often strive to achieve this dual perspective; how it feels in your own head and how it feels to live in this world. Such a relationship manifests itself in both personal and social life, where exploiting the other is commonplace”.

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