NEWS: Holycide call out fake news!

Set for release on 6th June, internationally recognized as the Day of Slayer, in a limited vinyl edition of 250 copies (100 splatter and 150 black) and a cassette edition limited to 50 units, “Towards Idiocracy” from Spanish Thrash Metal band Holycide is looking the part. In evidence the band submit an electrifying animated video for “Lie is the New Truth“, a third advance single, while a cover of the Atrophy classic “Chemical Dependency” awaits on the album…

Holycide vocalist Dave Rotten shares his insights on the track: “The lyrics of this song talk about the current era of fake news. When we don’t like some truth, we cover it with fake news, creating another fake new with this, and sometimes, we know positively that something is fake new, but even so, we settle for giving it credibility, simply because it agrees with our ideology, in what it seems that anything goes. We have become accustomed to living with lies and hoaxes, which are the new truth… making the infamous Göbbels right: “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth”

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