Review: “Infested Dominion” by Throne of Roaches

Malmö Sweden is home to Throne of Roaches, a band who entered the Underground Metal scene with their debut EP “Infested Domination” in the summer of 2023. Comprising bassist Robin Freddy Bengtsson, guitarist Niklas Bruce, drummer Albin Störholt and vocalist and guitarist Martin Lindström (also known for his work in Melodic Death Metal outfit Pangaea), they promise mighty growls, groovy riffs and chunky breakdowns in the formulation of their sound. Death is merely the beginning, the door to endless, nameless dark realms of pain that go on for eternity…

Whether its a song named after the band or a band named after the song seems a question almost irrelevant with the sheer power that “Throne of Roaches” offers. Mid tempo Death Groove of the highest order with a little melancholic lead accompanied by caustic vocals that has a couple of tasty step ups energy and momentum as it plays out, sonically it sounds like it could be a self titled era Chimaira cut. Vocally it’s a punishment beating fit for the King of nothing who sits upon the Throne of Roaches itself, surrounded by death and decay. Continuing in the same direction with lead guitars adding a highlight to the driving rhythms, “Dissimulations” punches above its weight while bringing to mind the recent work of Bloodshot in the process. The guitars are classically styled, soaked in the blood of the ancients going back hundreds of years and it is truly impossible not to find yourself head banging on the first listen, especially during the extended instrumental passages. Despite this being the first work of a new band, the quality of the record is the polar opposite of what you might expect; it’s polished with a distinctive sound about it and what it lacks in duration it makes up for in quality. Rich dark melodies with Melodic Death Metal leanings are a big part of “Crowd Control Protocol“, it’s tasteful solo vibrant in comparison with its lethal vocals, the demonic voice of a demon from the black depths sent to destroy the planet one soul at a time. As a band, Throne of Roaches have buried their flag in the earth at the top of the highest mountain and claimed this land as their own [8.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Throne of Roaches
  2. Dissimulations
  3. Crowd Control Protocol

Infested Dominion” by Throne of Roaches was released on 29th June 2023 and is available over at bandcamp.

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