Review: “Begging For Chicxulub” by Wound Collector

The brainchild of Belgian saxophonist and composer Peter Verdonck, whose heart truly beats for Progressive Death Metal, Wound Collector has been on going concern since 2015. Issuing a pair of full length albums in 2018’s “Eternal Bloodcult” and 2020’s “Depravity“, a revolving door of musicians hasn’t prevented perpetual forward motion and now a quintet, the band around Verdonck includes members of Hangman’s Hymn, Pestifer, Vesper and Carrion. Each of those musicians is a veteran of many stages, their presence no to be underestimated in a World where forgotten and neglected parts of history are used as a source of lyrical inspiration.

Restless and relentless from the very start, drummer Nico Veroeven blasts his way out of the recording studio like a gun slinger in the Wild West on opening cut “River Of Scalded Corpses“, his performance powerful enough to draw comparisons with Gene Hoglan in his prime. Laced with Groove Death riffs and Saxophone parts which replace the lead guitars, the track is the kind of wake up call that the edge of the seat was made for. Peter Verdonck’s death growled vocals sound like they’re inspired by the 90’s Florida Death Metal scene, dredging up the silt from beneath rivers of lava in the bowels of hell as he roars his fearsome battle cry. Not letting the insane tempo drop for even a second “Progress Through Dishonor” is another punishment beating of pummelling percussive battery and muscular riffs. This time out the Saxophone offers an eerie touch of psychological horror as Verdonck’s vocal depravity thins the herd and decimates the weak. Rising from the black depths “Dehumanized By The Auburn System” continues the reign of terror with a couple of moments that feel like Aborted playing Deicide covers as Wound Collector demonstrate their prowess. If you’re wondering if there are any guitar solos with the Saxophone’s presence then the answer is yes with Poncho Gavall delivering a face melting, fretboard smouldering one here as Verdonck reaches demonic levels of brutality vocally.

What’s phenomenal about the record is that the tracks have been ordered so that the intensity increases as each cut plays out, so it you thought the opening cut was a belter, by the end you’re left wondering just how high the band can climb. If you’re wondering what the EP title and final cut are referring to, the word “Chicxulub” is from the Yucatec Maya language meaning “Trail Of The Devil” and it refers to a plummeting asteroid that left behind a crater off the coast of Mexico. Its believed to be what wiped out the Dinosaurs so begging for it means begging for an event to once again wipe the slate clean and start the World a new, destroying everything in the process. Which of course ties into the cover artwork from Mordiggian-Art neatly. As a track “Chicxulub” is as savage as its predecessors with some almost feral shriller vocals as it plays out at the tempo of the damned. Vicious and unforgiving, the rhythmic gymnastics and dexterity which the players of strings are capable of blows the mind. Another silky smooth Saxophone solo later to add depth and contrast and it’s like Thrash Jazz act Naked City have been resurrected. Intriguing and fun, this one is a whirlwind that makes Sharknado look tame [8/10]

Track Listing

1. River Of Scalded Corpses
2. Progress Through Dishonor
3. Dehumanized By The Auburn System
4. Chicxulub

Begging For Chicxulub” by Wound Collector is out 15th June 2024 and available over at bandcamp.

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