NEWS: Gates Open are nothing if not prolific!

Much to our surprise, having given us album “Voice After Silence” in February via Inverse Records, Finnish duo Gates Open have announced a new six track EP “Black Clouds Over The World” for 4th October. The Blackened Melodic Death Thrash pair have roots that go back to 2007 with a band called Down into Silence and now multi instrumentalist Jere Neej√§rvi and vocalist Tommi Manninen offer “Nightmares Coming True” as the first shot in anger from their sophomore record. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

The band comments: “In shadows deep, where darkness resides. Nightmares awaken, creeping in my mind. Nightmares coming true. Drowning in this darkness, where dreams are allowed. In this twilight realm, where the dreams distort. Forever haunted, as these nightmares come true. We all have our own nightmares and fears and it would be everyone’s worst nightmare if they all came true

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