Author: DJ Vapour

Playthrough: “Connection Lost” from Catalysis!

How Dundee Thrash Metal outfit Catalysis managed to pursude former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel and Joey Radziwill of  Sacred Reich to join the party that is their debut album “Connection Lost” escapes us but they did. Drummer Calum Rennie has recorded this playthrough for the albums title track, one of highlights of the summer.

Bootleg: Bleeding Through in Saint-Petersburg Russia!

Orange County’s finest Bleeding Through traveled the Globe in support of their album “Declaration” and one of the furthest places they reached would have been Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 16th December 2008 saw them at Orlandina Club and this hour long ripper of a set is a career spanning one with everything from “Revenge I Seek” to

Playthrough: “Bury Me Under” from October Ends!

As their new album “Zodiac” will (finally) see the light of day on 30th October, guitarist Michael Charlton has been tasked with recording a playthrough video for “Bury Me Under”  for his band October Ends 1o days after the music video arrived and it seems that seven strings are enough to re-create their unruly sound.

Documentary: Pre-Production of EP #3 with Cold Snap!

Croatian six-piece Metal wrecking ball Cold Snap may have been writing music together since 2010 but three full length records over the past decade and they still stick to their principles. Their last outing was a doubt A side 7″ vinyl with “Black Diamond” and “Serenity” gracing it and it seems that they are back in

Bootleg: Amen in New Jersey!

East Rutherford, New Jersey at The Giants Stadium on 20th July 2000 saw the much missed Amen take the stage to play their part on the Tattoo The Earth Tour. Widely seen as a rival to Ozzfest, it saw bands like Hatebreed, Nothingface and Slayer share stages across America. Officially Amen are still a going

NEWS: Synastry return with “Dead To Me”!

After close to a decade of silence, Montreal’s Synstary have stepped out from the shadows to bring fans a new EP entitled “Civilization’s Coma” with first single “Dead To Me” appearing in lyric form a ruthless and suitable reintroduction to a Montreal favourite which you can snap up here. Inspired to a certain point by melodic, futuristic

NEWS: Ysgaroth march “Forward Unto Death”!

Initially starting life as Kurt Steigler’s Black Metal studio project, Ysgaroth grew Extreme Metal wings with a desire to perform the songs live and with Steve Cuddington (drums) and Shawn Hillman (bass) on board the band have set 13th November 2020 for their debut record “Storm Over a Black Sea” to be unleashed from their Canadian

NEWS: Cell Press announce new EP with “Desert Breath”!

Taking their name from the 2001 Russian prison documentary “The Mark Of Cain” when they formed in 2019 from well-seasoned musicians and members of The Great Sabatini, Biipiigwan, I Hate Sally and Architect makes Montreal’s Cell Press a band to keep an ear out for The brutal humanity of that film is reflected in the music…

Review: “Garden of Eden” by Curimus

It has been a long and winding road for Finnish Death Thrash group Curimus. Formed in 2004 and calling the small town of Loimaa their home, they churned out four demos before making waves with the debut album which finally arrived in 2012 entitled “Realization” which was swiftly followed by 2014’s “Artificial Revolution” before things

Throwback: “Carved Inside” by Soulfly!

Arguably the re-birth of Soulfly from more stripped back sound so a full on Metal onslaught thanks to the much more technical sounding riffs of Marc Rizzo and thunderous bass from Bobby Burns, “Dark Ages” saw the band resurgent in 2005. It remains to this day one of the bands darkest releases exploring aggression and