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Bootleg: Walls Of Jericho at Brutal Assault!

From last years incarnation of Brutal Assault Festival here are four tracks culled from the set of none other than Walls Of Jericho. “A Little Piece Of Me“, “Playing Soldier Again“, “Feeding Frenzy” and “The American Dream” are all absolute rippers and with the band showing no sign of letting up, we’re glad to be

Bootleg: Walls of Jericho in Manchester!

Back in 2004, Detroit Michigan Hardcore wrecking ball Walls of Jericho, came to our attention with “All Hail the Dead”. Known as much for the brutal vocals of Candace Kucsulain as much as their crushing guitar tones. Pro-shot by Lee Marshall and released by David Tan, this full set was filmed at the Star & Garter