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Review: “Self Titled” by Bury The Kingdom

“It is not just a band name. It is a message delivered to those in power. It is a battle cry… Change needs to take place in multiple ways. It is time to stop turning away from the blatant greed and corruption that has made itself at home all over our planet. The masses have

Bootleg: American Head Charge in Dallas!

The Canyon Club in Dallas Texas on 20th April 2002 saw American Head Charge performing the majority of their major label debut album “The War Of Art” and this footage has been saved from certain annihilation by Liberated Tape Archive who have taken it from a 2nd Generation VHS transfer to digital. The set includes

Review: “Class Of 2020” by (hed)p.e.

Never in a million years did we think 20 years ago we’d still be talking about (hed)p.e. after gushing over their year 2000 seminal album “Broke” when it dropped via Jive Records at the height of the Nu-Metal revolution. Following their musical journey through numerous line up changes and style shifts over the that time

Review: “Making Out With My Death” by Junkowl

Formed in 2017 and known for creating a unique blend of Groove Metal, Stoner and Hardcore that is matched with a high energy ‘in your face’ live performance akin to Buffalo New York residents Everytime I Die and even fellow Canadians Cancer Bats, Montreal’s Junkowl have come a long way in three years. It was

Throwback: “Medication” from Psycore!

Heading back to 1998 and the Psycore album “Your Problem” for today’s throwback seems an obvious choice. We first heard about them from a Metal Hammer cover CD, which was a big thing to get on to back in the day. The band were formed in Gothenburg Sweden in 1996 and consisted of vocalist Markus

Throwback: “Cowards” by American Head Charge!

A couple of weeks ago (hed)p.e. drummer Jeremiah “Trauma” Stratton announced the live return of American Head Charge with shows in San Diego, Sacramento and West Hollywood in California at the end of April. After frontman Cameron Heacock was arrested two years ago for driving a stolen van loaded with stolen musical instruments and bassist

Review: “You Are Filth” EP by Death Blooms

Liverpool natives Death Blooms have been regulars on the scene for a couple of years now with their previous Self Titled EP appearing in 2017. Getting a slot at Download Festival last summer and shows in support of King 810 and Ded last year put them firmly on the map for 2019. The high energy

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Nirvana Edition

Nirvana. A name that has survived as Kurt Cobain’s legacy long after his passing. We’ve had numerous b-sides, live shows and demos from the archives as every second of the bands recorded work has been put out and Cobain’s riffs are the building blocks upon which most guitarists learn their trade. In 2011 we had

Playthrough: “Loyalty” from American Head Charge!

Originally appearing on “The Feeding”, the third album from American Head Charge which they announced they didn’t receive a single penny from their then label for, gutarist Jay Kay has laid down a playthrough for “Loyalty”. Late bassist Chad Banks and guitarist Byron Ottoson would be proud. Rest in peace brothers.

Interview: Resurrection Fest talk to Sin Quirin!

Resurrection Fest in Spain have put out an interesting interview with current Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin. The Burbank California musician rose to prominence with Matt Zane fronted Industrial Metallers Society 1 and has also appeared in American Head Charge and Ministry side project Revolting Cocks.