Review: “Self Titled” by Bury The Kingdom

“It is not just a band name. It is a message delivered to those in power. It is a battle cry… Change needs to take place in multiple ways. It is time to stop turning away from the blatant greed and corruption that has made itself at home all over our planet. The masses have been lied to and manipulated by their governments, by different religions, by corporations and even from the very legal systems installed to protect the average law abiding citizen. The very same laws that were supposed to keep corruption in check have been desecrated.” ~  Bury The Kingdom

Lyrically gritty, Bury The Kingdom attack the very fabric of the toxic elements in society throughout their self titled EP with stinging vocal venom. Tearing with sharp teeth at corruption in the judicial system, the lies told by the Catholic Church to cover up hundreds of years of abuse and pharmaceutical companies who create scores of drug addicts with their greed with the relentlessness of a rabid dog with a bone. The messages within these songs are ones of which the masses should take heed because they make a statement from the heart, raising awareness when other voices have been drowned out, like in the protest songs of old. Sonically the band who hail from the US, self describe as Metalcore but sound eerily reminiscent of “Anything For The Devil” era Rikets minus the industrial moments with bruising opener “War” being a full on midtempo chug fest. The comparison is mainly around the dry rasping unclean vocals which remind of the distinctive tone of Scott Rose, however this quintet remain anonymous so only time will tell if this is his return to the microphone. “Force Fed” then adds ethereal buried synth and also introduces clean vocals to give it that early American Head Charge punch while developing the sense of the dramatic and building the momentum. Knitting all those elements together with a classic southern drawl “The Unveiling” is a classic mid-tempo affair of driving Groove Metal with plenty of energy. The scathing vocal attack is given plenty of space of breath with the band opting for workhorse rhythmic power over flamboyant leads and the guitar work is solid with a satisfyingly crunchy tone. There is nothing raw about this, these are clearly experienced musicians who have executed their vision with pinpoint accuracy and invested time and energy into getting this chapter nailed; the song from which the band take their name being the icing on the cake [7/10]

Track listing

  1. War
  2. Force Fed
  3. The Unveiling
  4. Bury The Kingdom

Self Titled” by Bury The Kingdom is out 7th June 2022 via Sliptrick Records

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