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Interview: Demonstealer talk writing and recording with Gear Gods!

The Godfather of Indian Death Metal Demonstealer joined Gear Gods for a feature length interview about how the music of his solo project is pieced together. An insightful piece, from a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who is regularly joined by a myriad of guests including members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Six Feet Under, The Amenta, Gorgasm,

NEWS: Demonstealer destroy, erase, improve!

The best EP of 2021 not to appear on our top #5 list for the year in our Listmainia awards season between Christmas and New Year was “The Holocene Termination” from Indian Technical Death Metal project Demonstealer. A record loaded with guest appearances, “What She Creates She Will Destroy” has been chosen for the full red carpet music

Throwback: “From Rubble And Ruin” from Deamonstealer!

It seems almost unfathomable that after numerous accolades and achievements in 20 years in Metal, Demonstealer could still be very much at the top of his game but in new EP  “The Holocene Termination” which features an all star cast of guests, Sahil Makhija has very much surpassed himself. The multi instrumentalist and Technical Death

Review: “The Holocene Termination” by Demonstealer

A pillar of the Heavy Metal scene in India, Sahil Makhija, better known as Demonstealer has been decimating ear drums for the past two decades with his first band Demonic Resurrection who have achieved five studio albums, a Metal Hammer Golden God award and multiple tours and festivals across UK and Europe. At the same time he

NEWS: Demonstealer return with “From Extinction Begins Evolution”!

A third single from the upcoming new all star underground guest featuring Death Metal Demonstealer EP “The Holocene Termination” has arisen from the black depths in “From Extinction Begins Evolution“. This one sees Simon Schilling (Marduk) on drums, Anton Zhikharev (Gorgasm) on bass and Fabio Bartoletti (Fleshgod Apocalypse) with a guitar solo alongside Mumbai India

Playthrough: “The Holocene Termination” from Demonstealer!

Filmed at Slaughterhouse Studio in Vienna Austria the studio session which saw drummer Eugene Ryabchenko of Fleshgod Apocalypse fame lay down his parts for the title track of the  upcoming Demonstealer EP “The Holocene Termination” was filmed by Adriano Tomesetti. Joined by a myriad of guests including members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Six Feet Under, Equipoise,

NEWS: Demonstealer present “An Epoch Of Degradation”!

Featuring guest appearances from Krzysztof Klingbein of Deathspawn and Anton Zhikharev of Gorgasm, the second single “An Epoch Of Degradation” from the the second EP from Demonstealer titled “The Holocene Termination” has surfaced. The EP is the work of multi instrumentalist Sahil Makhija also known for his work in Demonic Resurrection, Reptilian Death and Solus

NEWS: Demonstealer to return in December with “The Holocene Termination”!

After much teasing, Mumbai India based Demonstealer has announced an all star guest list for his upcoming 3rd December releasing EP titled “The Holocene Termination” alongside a music video for the title track. Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland by Wojciech Wieslawski and Slawomir Wieslawski (Decapitated, Hour Of Penance, Vader, Behemoth) the EP

NEWS: Demonstealer unleash “Sic Semper Tyrannis”!

The much talked about first new song since “And This Too Shall Pass” from Mumbai Indian Death Metal solo project Demonstealer sees a pair of guests in bassist Mohini Dey and Jazz Fusion drummer Gino Banks join forces with the man himself to create “Sic Semper Tyrannis“. Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Kenneth Rego and

NEWS: Drum practice with Demonstealer!

A sneak peak into the writing process of upcoming material, Mumbai India based multi instrumentalist Sahil Makhija, otherwise known as Demonstealer has given us a video clip of himself drumming, in raw and unedited form. Having just realised EP “And This Too Shall Pass“, he’s also shared Jazz Fusion drummer Gino Banks and bassist Mohini