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Bootleg: Insomnium in Budapest Hungary!

Four cuts including the title track of their new EP “Songs Of The Dusk” filmed at Barba Negra in Budapest Hungary are a timely reminder of just how good Insomnium really are. The Melodic Death Metal act were caught on camera on 17th November by Stucker and the quality of them is exquisite. If you

Review: “Songs of the Dusk” by Insomnium

“As the album would have been too long, we left these three tracks out on the initial version, yet they are part of the Anno 1696 story and complement it and some of the gaps are being filled. ‘Song Of The Dusk’ offers an alternative ending, so people can decide which kind of mood they

NEWS: Insomnium continue to demonstrate their love of Wolves!

After the release of their ninth album “Anno 1696” in early 2023 led us deep into the dark and troublesome past of Northern Europe, a time of witches, of superstition, of bloodlust and frenzy. And of werewolves. On 3rd November via Century Media, Insomnium will continue the epic story with EP “Songs of the Dusk“,

Interview: Insomnium talk “Anno 1696” with Belgian Jasper!

While on tour with Enslaved and Black Anvil in Canada, Insomnium guitarist Markus Vanhala joined Belgian Jasper at the Saulter Street Brewery in Toronto to sink a pint or two of Paradox IPA. The conversation flows from the bands new album “Anno 1696” to the tour as both have been very well received however it

Playthrough: “The Witch Hunter” from Insomnium!

Armed with his prized Jackson Rhandy Rhoads custom shop model, Insomnium guitarist Markus Vanhala plays through “The Witch Hunter” from the Finnish Melancholists Torsåker witch trials inspired album “Anno 1696“. Their ninth in all, the album is written around a short story from bassist Niilo Sevänen that muse on the events that saw 70 women

Documentary: “Anno 1696” breakdown with Insomnium!

Time to get the popcorn ready. Niilo Sevänen and Markus Vanhala from Finnish Metal melancholists Insomnium have shared a full track by track breakdown of their bands ninth studio album “Anno 1696” in the form of a near 18 minute featurette. Out now via Century Media, the record mixed by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Moonspell, Paradise

NEWS: Insomnium walk where Gods fear to tread?

Celebrating the release of their ninth studio album “Anno 1696” via Century Media are Finnish Metal melancholists Insomnium who have shared a full budget blowing music video for a cut from it in “Godforsaken“. It’s a classic piece of work which we reviewed earlier this week, based on a short story by bassist Niilo Sevänen

Review: “Anno 1696” by Insomnium

“The Torsåker witch trials were a horrible source of nightmarish inspiration. All that talk about 70 women beheaded in this small Swedish parish? It’s real stuff from history! And as if that weren’t enough, there are also some very dark tales of cannibalism and child murder from the years of the great famine.” ~ Niilo

Interview: Insomnium talk “Anno 1696” with Belgian Jasper!

24th February is the date that Century Media are licking their lips about the prospect of because it’s the date that the ninth album, “Anno 1696” by Finnish Metal Meloncholic Masters Insomnium finally see release. A concept record based upon a tale inked by bassist Niilo Sevänen, it has already seen a string of singles

NEWS: Insomnium follow the Witch Hunter?

Treading a tightrope between sadness and anger, between silent desperation and cries of anguish, trying to reach that fading light that still glimmers from beyond the trees, “Anno 1696” is said to be the most ambitious work of Insomnium. The meloncholic masters have in store for us a tragedy of Greek proportions which Century Media