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Bootleg: Deftones in St. Paul Minnesota!

13th December 1997 saw Deftones joined by Limp Bizkit, Sevendust and Snot at the 93X Christmas Ball. It took place at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St Paul Minnesota and sees them smashing out classics like “Engine No. 9“, “My Own Summer (Shove It)” and “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)” all courtesy of Liberated

Bootleg: Deftones in Kansas!

There is a wealth of Deftones live footage out there but this one from 1997 is particularly special. It captures the band at Liberty Hall in Kansas on 12th December at a show that saw them perform with Limp Bizkit and Will Haven performing tracks from their “Adrenaline” and “Around The Fur” records, making room for

Throwback: “Korea” by Deftones!

19th August 2000 saw Sacramento Californian Alternative Metallers Deftones play Bizarre Fest in Weeze Germany, just a couple of months after their critically acclaimed third studio album “White Pony” was released. As the World celebrates the 20th Anniversary of arguably the bands most influential album, we’ve chosen “Korea” from it and that festival appearance as

Documentary: Artist Tones goes Deftones with Neutal DSP!

Neural DSP’s long running “Artists Tones” series looking at how to match an artists guitar and bass tones to get your cover songs sounding like the originals sees “My Own Summer” from Deftones get the full treatment this week. A classic from the bands “Around The Fur” record it’s been covered by the likes of

Throwback: “Teething” by Deftones!

As Listmania season continues, Theprp.com shared their 25 most trafficked stories of 2019 and knock us down with a feather but they’re dominated by one band. That’s right, 6 of the 25 stories are about Tool. As they enter their 20th Anniversary year, we top our hat to them. You can read their list here.

Documentary: What Makes “Minerva” by Deftones great?

The lead single from the 2003 self titled album from Sacramento California Alternative Metallers Deftones, “Minerva” is a song credited for bringing the Shoegaze sub-genre to the mainstream. The album itself want Gold and Frank Beato goes in deep with a look into what makes the song sound great in the latest episode of his

Riff Police! Pull Over! #77: Blood Youth Vs Deftones!

Let’s start with what we know. Sacramento Californian Alternative Metallers Deftones recorded and entire album entitled “Eros” at the The Spot in Los Angeles between April and November 2008 and produced by Terry Date. The album was shelved as the final recorded work of bassist Chi Ling Dai Cheng who following a car accident and

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Deftones!

There aren’t going to be many Metal Heads on the Planet who don’t know who Sacramento Californian Alternative Metallers Deftones are. For most, including our very own Weaponry who picked “Around The Fur” for their episode of our “Under The Influence” series, they’re simply inspiring. For today, the track of choice is “Digital Bath”, the

Under The Influence #13: Weaponry on “Around The Fur” by Deftones!

Certified Gold in July 1999 and Platinum in 2011, Sacramento California quartet Deftones second album “Around The Fur” was a highly anticipated release. The band had been together since 1988 and so the album effectively marked a decade together and that time shows in the quality of the material. Featuring DJ Frank Delgado on 5