Throwback: “Teething” by Deftones!

As Listmania season continues, shared their 25 most trafficked stories of 2019 and knock us down with a feather but they’re dominated by one band. That’s right, 6 of the 25 stories are about Tool. As they enter their 20th Anniversary year, we top our hat to them. You can read their list here. Fortunately there is space for a few others and so in the most tenuous link yet, here’s one of our all time favourite Deftones songs in “Teething“. For those not in the know it appeared on the soundtrack to the second film in The Crow series, “City Of Angels” from 1996, which stars Iggy Pop and appears during a sequence… Do you know what? Here’s the clip from the film. We love The Crow and James O’Barr is an absolute genius!

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