Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Deftones!

There aren’t going to be many Metal Heads on the Planet who don’t know who Sacramento Californian Alternative Metallers Deftones are. For most, including our very own Weaponry who picked “Around The Fur” for their episode of our “Under The Influence” series, they’re simply inspiring. For today, the track of choice is “Digital Bath”, the second cut from the bands year 2000 Maverick Records release “White Pony”. Combining a variety of effects and sampling with echoed chords and whispered vocals, the haunting melodic qualities should come with a warning. The song is about electrocuting a girl in a bathtub and ran during the credits of horror film “Soul Survivor” back in 2001.

In the Red corner we have The Anix who evolved from a band that starter out in 2000 into a solo project from mainstay Brandon Smith. His electronic rock cross overs from Los Angeles California are now being released as singles thought the year! In the Blue corner we have Mathcore bedlam creators┬áRolo Tomassi who did their version for Kerrang! Magazine’s “Ultimate Rock Heroes!” compilation that appeared in July 2015. Who wins? You decide!


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