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The Black Map #187: Artificial Pathogen from Glasgow!

In a day and age where modern technology means that musicians no longer need to commit something to tape and send it across the planet via a well known courier service and wait months to get something back, International collaborations have offered up some truly unique listening experiences and innovations. One of those bands is

The Black Map #182: Azazel from Nottingham!

The Black Map isn’t around the World in 80 Days but an ongoing weekly feature that enables us to tell you about a few of the lesser lights of Heaven when it comes to the UK Underground Metal scene. So from the Isle Of Man last week we head head to Nottingham and the house

NEWS:.”Madness Blooms” for Artificial Pathogen!

Having called time on their five year career in April 2020, Artificial Pathogen were resurrected just right months later and the Glasgow Scotland based Deathcore collective have gone from strength to strength since. Seemingly now a quartet, they’ve unvieled a second new single in “Madness Blooms” as well as announcing they will be on a

NEWS: Death is only the beginning for The Head Of The Traitor!

Bringing the heat from Scotland are Symphonic Deathcore unit The Head Of The Traitor who have pulled the pin on their second single “The Beginning“, a cut that features a guest vocal appearance from Alex Ives of Litterbox Massacre and Artificial Pathogen fame. The title track of an undated album, it looks to have been

The Black Map #87: Violent from Edinburgh!

It’s Sunday morning so whether you’re reading this nursing a hangover, eating a cooked breakfast or knitting your latest blanket, we don’t judge. Heading from Detest in Manchester to the heart of Scotland and Edinburgh to check out some Downtempo Deathcore groove, we’ve got something to recommend that  you’ll want to out your hot cup

NEWS: Artificial Pathogen tap up Ben Mason!

Artificial Pathogen, a 5 piece Deathcore Slam band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and Canada have “The Plagueborne Chronicles” in the works for an early 2020 appearance. The album has been Mixed & Mastered by Bound In Fear Guitarist Kier Campbell. Perhaps they used him to get into contact with Ben Mason who appears on first