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Interview: Aborted talk “ManiaCult” with Banger TV!

26 years down the yellow brick road and Belgian Death Metal act Aborted are about to unleash hell on Planet Metal with their 11th Studio record. Given the name “ManiaCult“, it is one set for 10th September via Century Media, so naturally vocalist Sven de Caluwé and bassist Stefano Franceschini spoke to Banger TV about

Interview: Gene Hoglan talks NEW supergroup project for 2021!

You might know his work from all kinds of places including Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad, Testament and Pitch Black Forecast because when it comes to Metal drumming of all flavours, Gene Hoglan aka The Atomic Clock is the master. In this new interview with Banger TV’s Daniel Dekay, he talks about new secret

Interview: Oceans Of Slumber talk Self Titled album!

Daniel Dekay from Banger TV caught up with Cammie Gilbert from Oceans of Slumber to talk about not only the bands upcoming new self titled album but also about her experiences as a Black Female in Metal and how that influences both her art and her life. The album drops via Century Media on 4th

Interview: Testament talk to Banger TV!

Back in 2010 Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and drummer Paul Bostaph were interviewed by Sam Dunn for Metal Evolution, one of the first interviews that Banger TV did for the series. As the Oakland California Thrash Kings have a new album out in “Titans Of Creation” via Nuclear Blast, they’ve revisited it with a new

Interview: Alestorm talk to Banger TV!

Banger TV sat down with Keytar playing song writer Christopher Bowes from Scottish Pirate Metallers Alestorm to talk crowd surfing in Denmark and not taking yourself seriously. They’ve announced they will be setting sail for Download Festival Australia in March which has dates in Melbourne and Sydney, but first they’ll be playing in Madrid Spain

Interview: BangerTV talk to Brody Uttley of Rivers Of Nihil!

Despite “Where Owls Know My Name” by Rivers Of Nihil appearing in March 2018, it is so good that it made the Metal Blade Records top selling releases of 2019! If that doesn’t speak for itself, then it sure as hell should. Formed in 2009 by guitarist Brody Uttley, bassist Adam Biggs, and vocalist Jake

Spotlight: Banger TV tribute to the fallen!

Entitled “Rest In Power”, Banger TV have released a tribute to the fallen Metal & Rock Heroes from 2018. Accompanied by “St. Francis” by Josh Lippi & The Overtimers, it is a thing of beauty and a classy celebration in black and white. Ralph Santolla of Death, Deicide & Obituary fame, Carsten Otterbach of Morgoth and Dolores